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Custom modified digital announcers and message repeaters at low prices by Racom Products

Racom has responded to sixty or more customer specific application requests by designing and developing many distinct versions of our standard products. One such customer wanted to use the 1700XI as a Sports Information Hot-Line so  that the general public could call-in and hear up to the minute scores and events. In return, the customer would sell advertising time to generate revenue. The only problem was that the customer wanted to install these units throughout the United States and the customer also wanted a personal computer to automatically download and update the messages in each unit on a nearly constant basis.  We developed a complete system including new software for the 1700XI's and a software program for the personal computer which was assembled and tested by Racom Products.

Racom just recently modified a 1700X Digital Message Announcer for another customer. The customer requested that the unit be able to automatically play a specific message or a sequence of messages at certain times of the day on certain days of the week. The customer also wanted all of this information displayed on a liquid crystal display panel on the front of the unit. Again, we were able to meet each and every customer need.

Racom is always looking for innovative and challenging ways of meeting our customer's application specific needs. If you need help with a unique  application, please feel free to contact us!